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Imaging Challenge: number of vesicles in one AO WBC
None (2012)
  • George McNamara

Imaging Challenge: number of vesicles in one AO WBC

I am posting two image files: 1. MetaMorph image stack, 256x256 pixels, 60x60x126 nm voxel size 2. TIFF image (MetaMorph montage) of maximum, "best focus", median and minimum (single projection summaries of the data).

Both files contain 12-bit data. the Z-series was acquired with a Leica SP5 DMI6000 spectral confocal microscope. 457 nm laser excitation. 470-630 nm emission (Leica SP5 internal PMT3 - recently replaced under service contract). Acridine orange - for spectra see the "PubSpectra' file here or

Specimen: human white blood cell from a "buffy coat" preparation. The blood draw was from one of the investigators (Prof. David Andrews or Dr. George McNamara - I am not disclosing whose arm), and so is IRB exempt.

The challenge:

I would like academic and/or commercial vendors deconvolve and/or otherwise process the Z-series and provide the resulting image Z-series stack, optionally your best 3D rendered movie, and your best count of the number of vesicles.

You can post your results on your own web site, optionally with the oroginal data (the confocal data is data: data are facts, facts cannot be copyrighted).

You can send me your results, and if I like them, I will post here.

The most important part of the challenge is the count of the number of AO vesicles.

  • white blood cell,
  • buffy coat,
  • Acridine orange,
  • confocal microscopy
Publication Date
Spring April 27, 2012
Data are facts; facts cannot be copyrighted.
Citation Information
George McNamara. "Imaging Challenge: number of vesicles in one AO WBC" (2012)
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