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Sharing Resources: CIRCLE Links Adventist Educators Anytime, Anywhere
Faculty Publications
  • Glynis Bradfield, Andrews University
  • Randy J. Siebold, Andrews University
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CIRCLE, the Seventh-day Adventist Curriculum and Instruction Resource Center Linking Educators, connects those who have resources with those who need them anytime, anywhere. Often accessed through its online database, CIRCLE is a comprehensive, educational service/source for the ever-expanding array of resources for Christian educators as they continue the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ.

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Journal of Adventist Education
First Department
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Glynis Bradfield and Randy J. Siebold. "Sharing Resources: CIRCLE Links Adventist Educators Anytime, Anywhere" Vol. 67 Iss. 3 (2005) p. 12 - 16
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