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A-2 Student and Alumni Stories: Advisor Qualities & Practices That Increase Student Success
Celebration of Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Glynis M Bradfield, Andrews University
  • Kris Knutson
Presenter Status
Director of Distance & Non-traditional Student Services, Student Services Department, School of Distance Education
Second Presenter Status
Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising Services, Student Success Center
Preferred Session
Oral Session
Start Date
4-11-2016 3:15 PM
End Date
4-11-2016 3:30 PM
Presentation Abstract

What qualities make a good advisor? Which advising strategies increase persistence and vocational satisfaction? This presentation will share findings from recent Andrews Advisor Evaluation Surveys, the first Andrews Alumni Advisor Reflection Survey and the presenters’ advising experience at Andrews University. The impact of developmental and servant leadership approaches to academic advising at undergraduate and graduate levels will be shared, along with specific strategies that support students identified as probationary, underprepared, online, and those with documented disabilities. Come be inspired by the advising stories of students and alumni; leave with strategies to recharge your advising commitment and skills.


NOTE: the academic disciplines list does not cater to research in student service fields. We selected the best option in order to be able to submit, as that field is required.

Citation Information
Glynis M Bradfield and Kris Knutson. "A-2 Student and Alumni Stories: Advisor Qualities & Practices That Increase Student Success" (2016)
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