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Faith Integration Roundtable: Sharing Your Practices
Andrews University Teaching and Learning Conference
  • Duane Covrig, Andrews University
  • Glynis Bradfield, Andrews University
  • Denise Shaver, Andrews University
Nethery 024
Start Date
30-3-2017 1:30 PM
End Date
30-3-2017 2:20 PM
Type of Presentation
50 minute Best Practices Session Presentation
Proposal for Presentation
A goal of Andrews University is to help faculty, staff, and students “affirm faith.” The AU website lists the “first hallmark” as “A Faith-Based University: … Our Seventh-day Adventist Christian faith and values set us apart. Whether or not you share our distinct perspective, we invite you to respect it and be open to the conversation. It really is the basis for everything we do!” How is faith a part of your AU learning, teaching, advising, research, and service? Come and share your best practices. If you are not at AU, come and share how you integrate faith in your professional setting.

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We will bring resources from on campus to the discussion related to Faith Integration. We will also have a free book available for participants who work in Public Schools on how faith integration can operate legally and effectively in that culture.

Citation Information
Duane Covrig, Glynis Bradfield and Denise Shaver. "Faith Integration Roundtable: Sharing Your Practices" (2017)
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