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About Gloria Gordon PhD

Gloria Gordon teaches at London South Bank University, UK, where she is a 2002 National Teaching and Research Fellow. This achievement was the outcome of Dr. Gordon’s decision to develop her professional practice as an educator in higher education, using the action research family of methods, in bringing about transformational change in her own life world as the descendant of Africans who were enslaved (DoEA). This is as a means of creating a generative legacy for future generations of DoEAs beyond the currently lived black British Caribbean life experience which is identified by various researchers as: an externally imposed cultural disorder (McWhorter, 2001); soul murder (Painter, 1995); a dysfunctional cultural inheritance (Thernstrom and Thernstrom, 2001) and a victim culture (Pinderhughes, 1979). This decision placed Dr Gordon a longitudinal professional learning developmental path with the goal of demonstrating professional agency and accountability.
In pursuing this focus of developing her professional practice, and so identity, Dr. Gordon authored Towards Bicultural Competence: Beyond Black and White (2007); founded the Centre for British African Caribbean Studies (CBACS) and pioneered The Metanoia Project (TMP) 2007-2034 as a social movement. TMP is focused on achieving the second of William Wilberforce's two projects - the reformation of manners (culture). Dr. Gordon understands this second task to be the unique work of DoEAs, like herself, achieved through transforming their own life-worlds. Dr. Gordon understands that in the process DoEAs are effectively dismantling the black-white duality, the cultural model used by Britain since slavery, and which continues to perpetuate racial inequality into the 21st century.
The work shared on this site provides, for the first time, selected works offering an overview of 25 years of research into the black British Caribbean life experience, as Dr. Gordon develops her own professional practice, with a focus on transformational change in this life experience.

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