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Introdução ao Hardware Evolutivo
Doxa (2001)
  • Gladstone B. Alves, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

In the 1950's, the idea of simulate the workings of natural evolution in an engineering setting gave birth to the domain of evolutionary computation, a powerful approach to optimization and non-deterministic problem solving. Now, some researchers are beggining to create hardware that can grow and improve itself over time, evolving steadily as it finds new and better ways to do the tasks it has set before it. The field, known as Evolvable Hardware, is a recent focus of a growing endeavour to build this kind of autonomous, adaptive, and fault-tolerant electronic systems. This paper motivates current research on Evolvable Hardware and presents a short overview of major reasearch issues in this area, along with a bibliography of publications on each topic. The main aim is that this survey effort helps to identify open research questions as well as promising directions for further research.

  • Evolvable Hardware,
  • Electronics,
  • Evolutionary Algorithms
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Gladstone B. Alves. "Introdução ao Hardware Evolutivo" Doxa Vol. 6 (2001)
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