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Multicriteria power engineering problems and fuzzy set based methods of their solution
Tekhnichna Elektrodynamika (2014)
  • Petr Ya. Ekel
  • Illya Kokshenev
  • Roberta O. Parreiras
  • Gladstone B. Alves, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
  • Joel Pereira Jr.
  • Paulo Márcio Souza

The results of research into the use of models and methods of multicriteria decision making in a fuzzy environment for solving power engineering problems are presented. Two general classes of models related to multiobjective ( models) and multiattribute ( models) problems as well as methods of their analysis based on the application of the Bellman-Zadeh approach to decision making in a fuzzy environment and techniques of fuzzy preference modeling, respectively, are briefly considered. A review of the authors’ results associated with the application of these models and methods for solving diverse types of problems of power system and subsystems planning, operation, and control is presented. The recent results on the use of and models and methods of their analysis for the allocation of reactive power sources in distribution systems and for the prioritization in maintenance planning in distribution systems, respectively, are considered

  • electromechanical propulsion performance characteristics,
  • coaxial-linear motor,
  • constant magnets,
  • magnet bracket
Publication Date
Fall November, 2014
Citation Information
Petr Ya. Ekel, Illya Kokshenev, Roberta O. Parreiras, Gladstone B. Alves, et al.. "Multicriteria power engineering problems and fuzzy set based methods of their solution" Tekhnichna Elektrodynamika Iss. 6 (2014)
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