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A web-based decision support center for decision support in electrical energy companies
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems (2014)
  • Illya Kokshenev
  • Roberta O. Parreiras
  • Petr Y. Ekel
  • Gladstone B. Alves

This work describes a framework for a web-based decision support center (DSC) to aid various interrelated decision-making situations, which emerge from planning and management processes in electrical energy companies. This framework supports small collaborative groups working in an asynchronous way, in an environment where a single decisionmaker (DM), who centralizes the responsibility for a final decision, can be aided by a group of experts, who contribute with their opinions to that decision. It is based on the construction and the analysis of hX;Ri models, being X a set of feasible solutions and R a set of fuzzy preference relations. Two preference formats, namely value functions and fuzzy sets, are made available to the input of preference information. Transformation functions adequate for dealing with preference measures on interval scales are utilized to construct fuzzy preference relations. The hX;Ri models are analyzed by means of procedures based on the use of the Orlovsky choice function. The availability of different aggregation operators allow a DM to reproduce different attitudes: pessimistic, optimistic, compensatory with adjustment of the trade-off rates among criteria, as well as lexicographic with prioritization of criteria. When the DM cannot choose a unique attitude to analyze a problem, DSC recommends a generalized solution, which considers all attitudes simultaneously. To demonstrate the applicability of the framework, an expansion planning decision-making problem is considered.

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Illya Kokshenev, Roberta O. Parreiras, Petr Y. Ekel and Gladstone B. Alves. "A web-based decision support center for decision support in electrical energy companies" IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems (2014)
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