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Efficienza energetica: misurazioni e impatti (Energy efficiency: measurement and impacts)
MPRA - (2011)
  • Giuseppe Travaglini, Prof.

In this paper we argue that energy efficiency and environmental efficiency are two aspects of the same problem. To show this, we assess the analytical utility of the well-known IPACT and ImPACT models, presenting here a new developed identity named Augmented ImPACT. For Italy, our findings suggest that over the last twenty years the rise of energy efficiency has been accompanied by a controversial consumption of environmental resources and of CO2 accumulation. Specifically, the italian sector of services appears to be highly inefficient. In the second part of the paper we use a VAR model to estimate the impact of energy efficiency on economy, looking at employment value added and polluted emissions. Our results suggest that a rise in energy efficiency can help in improving both economic and environmental scenarios.

  • IPAT; Augmented ImPACT; Energy and Environmental efficiency; VAR
Publication Date
Fall November, 2011
Citation Information
Giuseppe Travaglini. "Efficienza energetica: misurazioni e impatti (Energy efficiency: measurement and impacts)" MPRA - Vol. MPRA Paper No. 34520 (2011)
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