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G.Delledonne-G.Martinico (eds), Exploring Subnational Constitutionalism
  • Giuseppe Martinico
  • Giacomo Delledonne
This special issue of the journal is entirely devoted to subnational constitutionalism. To do so, it tries to adopt a comparative and nterdisciplinary perspective and to identify constitutional patterns in those federal or regional contexts where subnational polities do not have a legal document formally called “constitution”. Some contributions have a national focus (on Belgium, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Ethiopia, and Macao). Other pieces, instead, consider the phenomenon from a comparative perspective, focusing on the external relations of subnational polities, the distinctive aspects of legislatures and legislative power at this institutional level, and the role of ordinary and constitutional judges.
  • Subnational constitutionalism,
  • Comparative constitutional law,
  • Comparative federalism
Publication Date
Summer July 11, 2012
Giacomo Delledonne - Giuseppe Martinico
Centre for Studies on Federalism
Citation Information
Giuseppe Martinico and Giacomo Delledonne. G.Delledonne-G.Martinico (eds), Exploring Subnational Constitutionalism. TurinVol. Vol. 2, Issue 2, 2012 (2012)
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