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Obama Rationale for Retaliation Flawed
Hartford Courant (2013)
  • Giulio M Gallarotti, Wesleyan University

The Hartford Courant published an op-ed by Giulio Gallarotti, professor of government, tutor in the College of Social Studies, breaking down President Barack Obama’s recent address to the nation on Syria. The president’s argument for a military strike on Syria was based on a flawed domino theory–one similar to the “destructive and costly strategy of containment during the Cold War,” writes Gallarotti. He urges leaders to resist the allure of simple political theories, and instead focus on the specific situation and context of the Syrian conflict.

  • Domino theory,
  • Obama,
  • Syria,
  • Chemical weapons
Publication Date
September 15, 2013
Citation Information
Giulio M Gallarotti. "Obama Rationale for Retaliation Flawed" Hartford Courant (2013)
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