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Real and financial uncertainty and investment decisions
Journal of Macroeconomics (2000)
  • Enrico Saltari
  • Giorgio Calcagnini

This paper aims at analyzing the role of uncertainty on investment. In our analysis we will follow recent economic literature concerning stochastic models of irreversible investment and restrict our attention to the Italian economy. We show that theoretically, and in the presence of irreversibility, demand and interest rate uncertainty both reduce demand for capital. Our empirical results support the traditional interpretation according to which expected demand growth rates positively affect investment, while the interest rate level is negatively correlated to the accumulation rate. As for uncertainty, investment decisions in Italy are negatively affected by demand volatility, while interest rate volatility seems to play no significant role.

  • Uncertainty,
  • Investment Decisions
Publication Date
August, 2000
Citation Information
Enrico Saltari and Giorgio Calcagnini. "Real and financial uncertainty and investment decisions" Journal of Macroeconomics Vol. 22 Iss. 3 (2000)
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