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Infertile Women are Twice as Likely to Desire Multiples as Fertile Controls
Fertility and Sterility
  • Ginny Ryan, University of Iowa
  • Rachel A. Maassen, University of Iowa
  • A. Dokras
  • Craig H. Syrop, University of Iowa
  • Bradley J. Van Voorhis, University of Iowa
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We previously published our finding that 20% of infertile women prefer a multiple gestation pregnancy to a singleton as the outcome of infertility treatment. The purpose of this follow-up study is to survey a comparable but fertile control population and compare the proportion of fertile controls that prefers a multiple birth outcome with this previously studied infertile population. We are also interested in determining the characteristics of our entire population that are associated with this desire for multiples.
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Ginny Ryan, Rachel A. Maassen, A. Dokras, Craig H. Syrop, et al.. "Infertile Women are Twice as Likely to Desire Multiples as Fertile Controls" Fertility and Sterility Vol. 84 Iss. Suppl 1 (2005) p. s22 - s23
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