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Modernizing the Reading Clinic through Research and Exploration
SoTL Commons Conference
  • Evan T. Ortlieb, Valdosta State University
  • Gina M. Doepker, Valdosta State University

Reading clinics are not only necessary, but pertinent in the age of educational assessment, accountability, and best practices. Assessing and individualizing instruction are only facets of what encompasses a reading clinic; the structure of a reading clinic must be representative of the needs of students today. A 10-step model for creating and maintaining a successful reading clinic for students will be discussed to ensure maximal learning for both preservice tutors and their tutees. Unique features include expanding literacy opportunities with technology, meta-monitoring of tutoring sessions, and facilitating continual professional development for preservice educators. Attendees will acquire knowledge of characteristics of effective reading clinics and how to create, facilitate, and individualize an on- or off-campus university-based reading clinic. They will also participate in a collective, small group brainstorming session about funding possibilities.

Room 2908
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Evan T. Ortlieb and Gina M. Doepker. "Modernizing the Reading Clinic through Research and Exploration" (2009)
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