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Systems of Logical Systems: Neuroscience and Quantum Logic
Foundations of Science (2002)
  • Gin McCollum, Portland State University

Nervous systems are intricately organized on many levels of analysis. The intricate organization invites the development of mathematical systems that reflect its logical structure. Particular logical structures and choices of invariants within those structures narrow the ranges of perceptions that are possible and sensorimotor coordination that may be selected. As in quantum logic, choices affect outcomes.

Some of the mathematical tools in use in quantum logic have already also been used in neurobiology, including the mathematics of ordered structures and a product like a tensor product. As theoretical neurobiology is developed on its own foundation, we may expect a rich dialogue between theoretical neurobiology and quantum logic.

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Gin McCollum. "Systems of Logical Systems: Neuroscience and Quantum Logic" Foundations of Science Vol. 7 Iss. 1 (2002)
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