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About Gill Langley, Ph.D.

Gill Langley is Senior Scientific Advisor in the Research and Toxicology Department of Humane Society International. Her work for the department currently includes accelerating the toxicology transition to a 21st-century, non-animal approach to chemical safety; and promoting a human biology-specific paradigm based on disease pathways to the wider biomedical research sector. Gill has published many articles and reports, as well as scientific papers. After gaining her PhD in neurochemistry from the University of Cambridge, England, she researched neurochemical pathways in human brain cell cultures. For many years she was Science Director at the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, leading its non-animal medical research programmes. She was also a freelance consultant specialising in non-animal toxicology.


Present Consultant, Research & Toxicology, Humane Society International
Present Content Contributor, The Animal Studies Repository

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