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Health and Wellness: Issues for Latino Immigrants, The Effects of Social Isolation, and Its Consequences
SJSU Salzburg Seminar (2008)
  • Gil J. Villagran
Gil Villagran was a 2006 Salzburg Fellow. This presentation stemmed from his involvement in the program.
  • SJSU Salzburg Program
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San José State University launched the SJSU Salzburg Program in 2006 as part of its efforts to prepare our students for successful lives and careers in a rapidly-changing global world. It was created to help promote an integrated focus on “Going Global, Going Green” by developing a critical mass of collaborative change agents from across campus who work together on globalizing the University and encouraging our diverse constituencies – students, faculty, staff and administrators – to become better global citizens. This innovative Program is possible through a major partnership between San José State and the Salzburg Global Seminar, which has been
one of the world’s leading forums for dialogue about problematic international concerns ever since it was
established in 1947 by three students at Harvard University.

Each fall semester the University selects a group of 10-15 faculty, staff and administrators to serve as SJSU Salzburg Fellows and another group of 10-15 students to serve as SJSU Salzburg Scholars through a rigorous campus-wide selection process. The groups meet for their own set of orientation activities the spring semester, following which they attend different but related sessions of the Seminar’s International Study Program on Global Citizenship during the next summer. Individual Fellows and Scholars spend the subsequent academic year
collaborating on joint projects during their year of service, including a strong mentoring component in which the Fellows advise their respective Scholars on broader life and career plans. They also participate in a variety of related professional activities throughout the year.

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Gil J. Villagran. "Health and Wellness: Issues for Latino Immigrants, The Effects of Social Isolation, and Its Consequences" SJSU Salzburg Seminar (2008)
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