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Corporate Predators Caught in Meltdown
El Observador (2008)
  • Gil J. Villagran
The meltdown of Wall Street's so-called 'investment institutions' where the financial bubble of over-valued assets finally burst is so mind boggling that even economic gurus with PhDs and Nobel Prizes, and CEO billionaires testifying before Congress fail to fully explain what happened. Did the "invisible hand" of the "free market" finally deal America a losing set of cards after years of a winning streak? Is it all due to bad luck? Fate? An unfortunate financial version of a perfect storm, similar to Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast?
Publication Date
November 1, 2008
Publisher Statement
Courtesy of El Observador (EO), San Jose, CA; website: <>
Citation Information
Gil J. Villagran. "Corporate Predators Caught in Meltdown" El Observador (2008)
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