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Wake-Up Wal-Mart National Bus Tour in San Jose
El Observador (2006)
  • Gil J. Villagran
On August 29 the nationwide campaign against Wal-Mart corporation's labor practices held its 29th
town hall meeting at the San Jose City Hall rotunda. The campaign, kicked off in New York on a bus
painted with the slogan 'Wake-Up Wal-Mart: Join America's Campaign to Change Wal-Mart," is
traveling to 35 cities in 35 days, holding town hall meetings in major cities.
Publication Date
September 1, 2006
Publisher Statement
Courtesy of El Observador (EO), San Jose, CA; website: <>
Citation Information
Gil J. Villagran. "Wake-Up Wal-Mart National Bus Tour in San Jose" El Observador (2006)
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