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Latino Community Abused by Police Brutality, Immigration Raids, Economic Apartheid
El Observador (2007)
  • Gil J. Villagran, San Jose State University
The Latino community of San Jose, California, and the U.S. is a population disproportionately exploited by employers, neglected by government, and brutalized by police and immigration raids. Perhaps our only recourse is to appeal to the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Court of Justice, because it is clear that local, state and federal elected and appointed officials are in fact the creators or if not, the banal bureaucrats who oversee these conditions. Too often they are the source of these injustices, empty of human compassion to recognize and take responsibility for this despicable long lasting American Apartheid. Written in both English and Spanish.

Publication Date
April, 2007
Publisher Statement
Courtesy of El Observador (EO), San Jose, CA; website: <>

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Gil J. Villagran. "Latino Community Abused by Police Brutality, Immigration Raids, Economic Apartheid" El Observador (2007)
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