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Arrogant Religions’ Danger to Humanity
San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay) (2009)
  • Gil J. Villagran, San Jose State University
At one time, many religions may have improved human understanding of our place in the world, compassion for others, and how to live a good life. However, an honest history of religious organizations displays a perennial tendency to divide humankind to a degree that many of the most brutal wars have been instigated by religious leaders. Many so-called "holy men (and some women), men of god, of the cloth, clerics" have encouraged, performed, and even invented, some of the most grotesque brutal torture upon others for the "sin" of disbelief in the brand of god worship they sold to the masses in their domain. These arrogant religions present a critical danger to humanity.
Publication Date
April 9, 2009
Citation Information
Gil J. Villagran. "Arrogant Religions’ Danger to Humanity" San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay) (2009)
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