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Who Can Protect Us from the Protectors?
San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay) (2009)
  • Gil J. Villagran, San Jose State University
Until there is universal enlightenment, society needs protectors of the peace, and in our nation, the police are empowered to be our protectors. There is crime and violence in our society, and a role for police to protect citizens. Most police protect the law abiding population peacefully, and may never discharge a weapon in their career as "peace officers." However, there are times and officers who abuse their authority or may be trained to err on the side of using force when it is not necessary to calm a conflictual situation. When this occurs, citizens are abused, injured or even killed by the protectors "under color of authority." This should never happen, but it does all too often. When it does, who can protect us from the protectors?
Publication Date
April 20, 2009
Citation Information
Gil J. Villagran. "Who Can Protect Us from the Protectors?" San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay) (2009)
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