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Energy efficiency of farming systems: Organic and conventional agriculture
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment (1983)
  • David Pimentel, Cornell University
  • Gigi Berardi, Western Washington University
  • Sarah Fast
An assessment was made of the energy efficiency, yield performance, and labor requirements for the production of corn, wheat, potatoes, and apples using organic (without synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides) and conventional farming technologies. Organic corn and wheat production was 29–70% more energy efficient than conventional production. However, conventional potato and apple production was 7–93% more energy efficient than organic production. For all four crops, the labor input per unit of yield was higher for organic systems compared with conventional production.
  • Energy efficient farming
Publication Date
July 1, 1983
Citation Information
David Pimentel, Gigi Berardi and Sarah Fast. "Energy efficiency of farming systems: Organic and conventional agriculture" Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment Vol. 9 Iss. 4 (1983) p. 359 - 372
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