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Unpublished Paper
Ex-ante evaluation of tightening environmental policy: the case of mineral use in Dutch agriculture
  • Gideon Kruseman, LEI Wageningen UR
  • Pieter willem Blokland, LEI Wageningen UR
  • Harry H. Luesink, LEI Wageningen UR
  • Hans Vrolijk, LEI Wageningen UR

Non-point source pollution is notoriously difficult to asses. A relevant example is mineral emissions in the Netherlands. Since the mid 1980s the Dutch government has sought to reduce emissions through a wide variety of measures, the effect of which in turn is monitored using modeling techniques. This paper presents the current generation of mineral emission models from agriculture based on micro-simulation of farms in combination with a spatial equilibrium model for the dispersion of manure from excess regions with high livestock intensities within the country to areas with low livestock intensities. The micro-simulation approach retains the richness in the heterogeneity of farm household decision making that are the core cause of the difficulty of assessing non-point source pollution, while using the best available data to track corresponding pollution. Using scenario analysis we are able to assess the possible effects of further tightening of agro-environmental policy.

  • micro-simulation,
  • spatial equilibrium model,
  • non-point source pollution
Publication Date
August, 2008
Citation Information
Gideon Kruseman, Pieter willem Blokland, Harry H. Luesink and Hans Vrolijk. "Ex-ante evaluation of tightening environmental policy: the case of mineral use in Dutch agriculture" (2008)
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