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What if we could reimagine copyright?
  • Rebecca Giblin
  • Kimberlee G Weatherall
What if we could start with a blank slate, and write ourselves a brand new copyright system? What if we could design a law, from scratch, unconstrained by existing treaty obligations, business models and questions of political feasibility? What might it look like? Would we opt for radical overhaul, or would we keep our current fundamentals? Which parts of the system would we jettison? Which would we keep?  That's the question we grapple with in this forthcoming book, with contributions from R. Anthony Reese, Martin Senftleben, Christophe Geiger, Caroline Ncube, Dev Gangjee and Jeremy de Beer. The resulting collection provides new ways of looking at copyright's most entrenched problems, insights into what existing international mandates cause society to lose, and new understanding of what might be done in response.
  • copyright,
  • access to knowledge,
  • a2k,
  • kuhn,
  • paradigm shift,
  • development,
  • ip,
  • intellectual property
Publication Date
Rebecca Giblin & Kimberlee Weatherall
ANU Press
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Rebecca Giblin and Kimberlee G Weatherall. What if we could reimagine copyright?. (2017)
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