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Should it be copyright's role to fill houses with books?
The Internet and Intellectual Property: The Nexus with Human and Economic Development (2016)
  • Rebecca Giblin
This paper explores important normative questions about what copyright's development role should be via the device of Lok Sang Ho's Rawlsian 'representative individual'. After evaluating existing approaches against this conception of the public interest, it argues that international frameworks can and should do more to exploit copyright's non zero sum nature to improve access for the less advantaged and reduce deadweight loss while maintaining recognition of authors' financial and non-economic interests in their creations.
  • copyright,
  • development,
  • copyright's development role,
  • TRIPS,
  • scarcity,
  • abundance,
  • berne appendix,
  • marrakesh,
  • treaty,
  • vip,
  • lok sang ho,
  • representative individual,
  • public interest
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Susy Frankel and Daniel Gervais
Victoria University Press
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