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Parameter Stability and the U.S. Demand for Beef
Western Journal of Agricultural Economics (1984)
  • Giancarlo Moschini, University of Guelph
  • Karl D. Meilke, University of Guelph
The main objective of this paper is to test the hypothesis that consumer preferences for beef in 
the United States have been affected by structural change, which reduces to testing for parameter 
stability in estimated demand equations. To this end, alternative specifications of the demand 
function are estimated using a general form of the Box-Cox transformation. Tests based on recursive 
residuals and on the F distribution provide little evidence of structural change, and suggest that 
the recent decline in beef consumption may be explained by changes in relative prices.

Publication Date
December, 1984
Publisher Statement
Citation Information
Giancarlo Moschini and Karl D. Meilke. "Parameter Stability and the U.S. Demand for Beef" Western Journal of Agricultural Economics Vol. 9 Iss. 2 (1984) p. 271 - 282
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