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About Gillian K Hadfield

My research is focused on problems of legal design in market democracies in the context of globalization and innovation. I am currently working on rational choice and computational models to analyze the phenomenon and characteristics of normativity and legal order and beginning work on the alignment problem in artificial intelligence. I continue to work on questions of how the markets for law, lawyers and dispute resolution affect the production of law. This involves questions not only of the price and quality of legal services but also of innovation in the provision of legal goods and services and the provision of the 'soft infrastructure' that supports globalized innovative economic activity. I am particularly interested in thinking about how the existing regulatory structures for law inhibits innovation in law to meet the needs of the new global economy and the potential for more market-based methods of providing legal inputs to support economic growth, democracy and global integration.


Present Faculty Affiliate, University of California, Berkeley
Present Director, Center for Law and Social Science, University of Southern California Law
Present Professor of Economics, University of Southern California Law
Present Kirtland Professor of Law, University of Southern California Law

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