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About GESA

Welcome! This is the site of the Graduate Education Student Association (GESA) of California State University, Sacramento. GESA was founded in 2006 as an organization to support networking, collaboration, and the development of a transformative research trajectory for those who intend to pursue doctoral study.
Lisa William-White, PhD
Angela Ramirez, President
Nancy Flores, Co-Vice President
Aneelaa Aneela, Co-Vice President
Jenny Osalbo, Vice President of Finance
Zee, Vice President of External Affairs
Pierrette, Vice President of External Affairs
Luz, Vice President of Internal Affairs
Gretchen Jung, Vice President of Research & Development
Jenny Thoa, Co-Vice President of Communications
Anna Stosich, Co-Vice Presdient of Communications
Legacy Board Members:
Idara Essien, PhD
Gary Muccular, MA
Remy Heng, MA
J. Luke Wood, PhD
Dana Muccular, MA
Cacee Belton, MA
T. Kenyatta Jones, ABD
Toni Bohannan-Tinker, MA


Present Faculty Member, California State University, Sacramento


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Honors and Awards

  • Distinguished Fellows Presentation Award (2007), International Society for the Exploration of Teaching in Learning (ISETL)

Contact Information

Lisa William-White, PhD
6000 J Street
Sacramento CA 95819

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