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Narratives of Third Culture Kids: Commitment and Reticence in Social Relationships
The Qualitative Report
  • Anastasia Aldelina Lijadi, University of Macau
  • Gertina J. van Schalkwyk, University of Macau
The lives of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are characterized by their experiences of living among different worlds that could isolate them from social interaction and establishing long-term friendships. Exploring the experiences of ten TCKs, this paper reports on primary data gathered through the Collage Life Story Elicitation Technique (CLET) in order to gain an understanding of the meaning making of TCKs and their commitment and reticence in establishing relationships during their developmental years. In-depth thematic analysis indicated a struggle building intimacy and companionships and deep friendships, as well as difficulties with maintaining relationships with others and a possible fear of commitment. Implications for counselling of TCKs and their families are discussed.
  • Autobiographical Remembering,
  • Collage Life Story Elicitation Technique,
  • Friendship,
  • Social Relationship,
  • Third Culture Kids
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Anastasia Aldelina Lijadi and Gertina J. van Schalkwyk. "Narratives of Third Culture Kids: Commitment and Reticence in Social Relationships" (2014) p. 1 - 18
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