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Generation and Intensity Correlation Measurements of the Real Gaussian Field
Physical Review A
  • Cheng Xie, Purdue University - Main campus
  • Gerhard Klimeck, Purdue University Main Campus
  • Daniel S. Elliott, Purdue University - Main Campus
The generation of a broadband laser field with well-defined and controllable statistical properties, known as the real Gaussian laser field, has been achieved through the random modulation of the amplitude of a stabilized laser beam. The verification of the field-generation technique is provided by measurements ofthe laser power spectrum (Lorentzian) and by measurements ofthe intensity au- tocorrelation function. The latter is shown to decrease exponentially from an initial value of nearly 3 to a final value of 1 with a decay time related to the inverse bandwidth of the field. The techniques for generating this field and for its characterization are discussed in this paper.

This is the published version of Cheng Xie, G. Klimeck, and D. S. Elliott. (1 June 1990). "Generation and intensity-correlation measurements of the real Gaussian field". First published in the Physical Review A and is available online at:

Date of this Version
Phys. Rev. A 41, 6376-6384 (1990)
Citation Information
Cheng Xie, Gerhard Klimeck and Daniel S. Elliott. "Generation and Intensity Correlation Measurements of the Real Gaussian Field" Physical Review A (1990)
Available at: