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Article Advancing Education and Research in Nanotechnology
Other Nanotechnology Publications
  • Gerhard Klimeck, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University
  • Michael McLennan, Purdue University - Main Campus
  • Sean B. Brophy, Purdue University - Main Campus
  • George B. Adams, III, Purdue University - Main Campus
  • Mark S. Lundstrom, Purdue University - Main Campus
Through he Network for Computational Nanotechnology Web site,, tens of thousands of users from 172 countries collaborate, share resources, and solve real nanotechnology problems. The authors share their experiences in developing and using the site's unique cyberinfrastructure.
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Gerhard Klimeck, Michael McLennan, Sean B. Brophy, George B. Adams, et al.. " Advancing Education and Research in Nanotechnology" (2008)
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