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Conceptualising and Measuring Working Memory and its Relationship to Aphasia
Aphasiology (2012)
  • Heather Harris Wright, Arizona State University
  • Gerasimos Fergadiotis, Portland State University

Background: General agreement exists in the literature that individuals with aphasia can exhibit a working memory deficit that contributes to their language-processing impairments. Although conceptualised within different working memory frameworks, researchers have suggested that individuals with aphasia have limited working memory capacity and impaired attention-control processes as well as impaired inhibitory mechanisms. However, across studies investigating working memory ability in individuals with aphasia, different measures have been used to quantify their working memory ability and identify the relationship between working memory and language performance.

  • Aphasia -- Case studies
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Copyright (2012) Taylor & Francis *At the time of publication, Gerasimos Fergadiotis was affiliated with Arizona State University
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Heather Harris Wright and Gerasimos Fergadiotis. "Conceptualising and Measuring Working Memory and its Relationship to Aphasia" Aphasiology Vol. 26 Iss. 3-4 (2012)
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