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The High Court and the constitutionalism of electoral law
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  • Gerard Carney, Bond University
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Book Chapter
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Carney, Gerard (2003). The High Court and the constitutionalism of electoral law. In G. Orr, B. Mercurio & G. Williams (Eds.), Realising democracy - electoral law in Australia (chap. 13, pp. 170-185). Annandale, NSW: Federation Press.

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This chapter by Gerard Carney is in the book 'Realising democracy - electoral law in Australia'. The abstract for this book follows: This book examines the law of elections in Australia. It explores Australia's rich history of electoral law innovation as well as exciting contemporary challenges such as electronic voting and party regulation. Topics covered also include the centenary of the first uniform federal franchise, the Gore v Bush 2000 US presidential election, and the role of scrutineers in the electoral process. The volume draws together as contributors a range of insiders and other Australian and international commentators with long experience in electoral administration and electoral law. Authors include leading lawyers, political scientists, historians and electoral administrators.
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Gerard Carney. "The High Court and the constitutionalism of electoral law" (2003)
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