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Fine-Tuning the User Experience: Integration of Blackboard and LibGuides
IOULG Spring 2014 Conference (2014)
  • Gerald R Natal, University of Toledo

At many institutions, students are required to use the Blackboard online course management system. Often, links are provided to library resources through Blackboard. An extension of this service was developed a few years ago that enabled the delivery of course-related content at the point-of-need by utilizing LibGuides. The desired outcome was that students would have an improved research experience, produce better student work, steer students away from simple, uniformed Google searching to quality databases, and improve usage of library resources. This presentation gives background information on the process and details the steps necessary to implement the integration of these two resources along with efforts at assessment.

  • Blackboard,
  • LibGuides,
  • library
Publication Date
May 16, 2014
Citation Information
Gerald R Natal. "Fine-Tuning the User Experience: Integration of Blackboard and LibGuides" IOULG Spring 2014 Conference (2014)
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