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Childhood Death and Cognitive Development
DEvelopmental Psychology (1973)
  • Gerald P Koocher
Employed Piaget's framework for conceptualizing cognitive development to explore and analyze children's attitudes toward death. Ss were 75 6-15 yr olds with at least average intellectual ability, as measured by the WISC Similarities subtest. Conservation tests were used to determine S's primary level of cognitive functioning. Each S was asked the following questions: What makes things die? How can you make dead things come back to life? When will you die? What will happen then? Replies were shown to be related to S's level of cognitive development. Changes in the direction of more realistic appraisals were noted as levels of cognitive development advanced from preoperational, to concrete-operational, to formal-operational stages.
  • Children,
  • death,
  • cognitive development
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Gerald P Koocher. "Childhood Death and Cognitive Development" DEvelopmental Psychology Vol. 9 Iss. 3 (1973) p. 369 - 375
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