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Unpublished Paper
Professional Skills and Values in Legal Education: The GPS Model
ExpressO (2008)
  • Gerald F Hess, Gonzaga University
Over the last four decades, a series of studies by the bar and the academy assessed the strengths and weaknesses of legal education and advocated that law schools aim to better prepare students for the profession – the Cramton Report, MacCrate Report, Carnegie Report, and Best Practices Project. Surveys of practicing lawyers in Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, and Arizona identified the professional skills and values important to success in the practice of law. This article briefly summarizes the recommendations of those reports and the survey results. It then offers one model of educating law students in professional skills and values. It describes the development of the General Practice Skills course, a six-credit, required, simulation-based course that directly addresses skills and professionalism. The article makes recommendations for the design and delivery of courses that aim to answer the call for legal education to more fully prepare students for the practice of law.
Publication Date
August 12, 2008
Citation Information
Gerald F Hess. "Professional Skills and Values in Legal Education: The GPS Model" ExpressO (2008)
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