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About Georgios Loukas Vousinas

Georgios L. Vousinas is a doctoral researcher at National Technical University of Athens, School of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests cover a wide area including logistics, technology management, banking & finance, internal auditing, HRM, corporate governance, economic growth, geostrategy and economic geography. Currently his focus is on the issue & justification of a new theory in the field of BPM Systems while engaged to an extensive research concerning supply-chain finance. Simultaneously, he studies for an MBA at Hellenic Open University. He is also the author of a book in English regarding the Internet and already has several publications in scientific journals along with presentations in both international & Greek conferences.
With over 15 years of academic course, he also follows a successful career as an Internal Audit Officer in one of the leading banking institutions of Greece.


Present MSc Telecom Management, University of Athens
Present Industrial Organization & Operational Management, National Technical University of Athens
Present PhDc, National Technical University of Athens

Research Interests

Banking & Finance, Supply Chain and Internal Auditing, Economics, Political Economy

Honors and Awards

  • Stanford Binet Test
  • Bloomberg Aptitude Test