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Managing Cash Flow for a Low-Capital Food Hub Start-up
Extension and Outreach Publications
  • Nick McCann, Iowa State University
  • Savanna M. Lyons, Iowa State University
  • Georgeanne M. Artz, Iowa State University
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Iowa Food Hub
LF 5
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For food hubs, or businesses that aggregate and distribute local food, limited funds can be a barrier to growth. If food hub managers pay close attention to cash flow, however, they can grow their business using the income generated by the business itself, and reduce the need for grants or loans in the start-up phase. This publication explains the idea of cash flow and how food hub managers can use it to their advantage, drawing on the real-world experiences of Iowa Food Hub.

  • Community Economic Development,
  • Consumer and Financial Management,
  • Leopold Center,
  • Economics
Economics; Leopold Center

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Nick McCann, Savanna M. Lyons and Georgeanne M. Artz. "Managing Cash Flow for a Low-Capital Food Hub Start-up" (2015)
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