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Machinery Sharing Manual for Fruit and Vegetable Producers
Extension and Outreach Publications
  • Georgeanne M. Artz, Iowa State University
  • Linda L. Naeve, Iowa State University
  • William M. Edwards, Iowa State University
Extension Number
PM 3064
This manual discusses operational and organizational issues related to sharing farm machinery for fruit and vegetable production. It includes five real-life case studies of growers who shared equipment, sample sharing agreements and worksheets for allocating costs fairly. This manual highlights various options for sharing, identifies potential problems associated with sharing resources, and explains the strategies for resolving them.
Publication Date:
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
  • Economics,
  • Farm Management,
  • Commercial Horticulture

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Citation Information
Georgeanne M. Artz, Linda L. Naeve and William M. Edwards. "Machinery Sharing Manual for Fruit and Vegetable Producers" Ames, IA(2014)
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