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Universality and a generalized C-function in CFTs with AdS duals
Nuclear Physics B (2002)
  • D. Klemm
  • A.C. Petkou
  • George Siopsis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • D. Zanon

We argue that the thermodynamics of conformal field theories with AdS duals exhibits a remarkable universality. At strong coupling, a Cardy–Verlinde entropy formula holds even when R-charges or bulk supergravity scalars are turned on. In such a setting, the Casimir entropy can be identified with a generalized C-function that changes monotonically with temperature as well as when non-trivial bulk scalar fields are introduced. We generalize the Cardy–Verlinde formula to cases where no subextensive part of the energy is present and further observe that such a formula is valid for the N=4 source super Yang–Mills theory in D=4 even at weak coupling. Finally we show that a generalized Cardy–Verlinde formula holds for asymptotically flat black holes in any dimension.


  • Cardy–Verlinde,
  • entropy,
  • black holes,
  • conformal field theories
Publication Date
January 14, 2002
Citation Information
D. Klemm, A.C. Petkou, George Siopsis and D. Zanon. "Universality and a generalized C-function in CFTs with AdS duals" Nuclear Physics B Vol. 620 Iss. 3 (2002)
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