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Is there a near term market for v2g electric vehicles?
Applied Energy (2015)
  • George R Parsons
  • Michael K Hidrue
Using a large contingent behavior survey, we assessed the potential market for vehicle-to-grid electric vehicles (V2G-EVs) in the near future. The proposed V2G-EV is a prototype vehicle used by the University of Delaware for demonstration purposes. Our survey design included an alternative model (Civic) and availability of range extender (backup internal combustion engine) to assess the value of vehicle model and range extender on consumer’s willingness to pay (WTP) for electric vehicle.  Our survey also included a correction for potential yea-saying tendency. To assess the potential market, we compared consumer’s WTP for V2G-EVs with production cost under different scenarios of battery cost projection. We found, in all scenarios, WTP estimates are lower than projected costs. Range anxiety, stringent V2G contract, and high battery costs are the primary reasons for the outcome. We also found having a better vehicle model (Civic) increases WTP significantly, but the WTP for range extender is likely to be lower than the cost of the backup internal combustion engine    
  • Electric Vehicles,
  • V2G,
  • Economic Value
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George R Parsons and Michael K Hidrue. "Is there a near term market for v2g electric vehicles?" Applied Energy Vol. 151 (2015) p. 67 - 76
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