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Simulation relations for discrete-time linear systems
Departmental Papers (ESE)
  • Herbert Tanner, University of Pennsylvania
  • George J Pappas, University of Pennsylvania
Simulation relations of labeled transition systems are used in theoretical computer science in order to formally establish notions of modeling abstraction and refinement in hierarchical systems. In this paper, we establish and characterize simulation relations for arbitrary discrete-time, linear control systems. More precisely, given two discrete-time systems, we consider various embeddings into labeled transition systems, that differ in the amount of timing information that is maintained in the transition relation. For each embedding, we obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for one discrete-time system simulating the transitions of the other. Naturally, the simulation characterizations become weaker as more information is abstracted away in the embedding.
Document Type
Conference Paper
Date of this Version
Postprint version. Published in Proceedings of the 15th IFAC World Congress on Automatic Control, Barcelona, Spain, 2002, pages 1302-1307.
  • transition systems,
  • discrete-time systems,
  • simulation relations,
  • reachability,
  • control invariant subspaces
Citation Information
Herbert Tanner and George J Pappas. "Simulation relations for discrete-time linear systems" (2002)
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