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Proceedings of the 2009 NRC Federal Facilities Council/James Madison University Symposium on Protecting Large Facility Complexes;
  • George H Baker, James Madison University
  • Cheryl E Wilkins, James Madison University

Large, complex facilities pose unique protection challenges involving multidisciplinary expertise and collaboration among government, academia, and the private sector. The symposium served as a forum for sharing experiences in dealing with large facility catastrophic events and risk management. The symposium was organized based on the value of interaction among different people representing diverse disciplines. In many instances, such interactions lead to solutions that would not have been developed within disciplinary stovepipes. The venue was divided into three panels addressing physical security, cyber security, and real facility case studies. We were also privileged to have three keynote speakers including Dr. Charles Steger, President of Virginia Tech, Susan Armstrong, Director of the Infrastructure Security Compliance Division at Department of Homeland Security, and John Stevens, the Center for Disease Control’s Deputy Director for Security and Emergency Preparedness. Despite the varied backgrounds of panelists and keynote speakers, we are excited about the important common themes from the proceedings that were reinforced by several presentations representing multidiscipline perspectives. These themes relate to dealing with multiple hazards, the vulnerability of complexity, the importance of standard approaches to risk management, multi-jurisdictional coordination, public-private partnerships, public awareness and education, technical and legal challenges. Of course, the most important part of the proceedings are many ideas concerning future directions – what we can do better to meet the challenges associated with protecting large facility complexes.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection,
  • Secure Building Design,
  • Physical Security,
  • Computer Security,
  • Campus Security,
  • Vulnerability Assessment,
  • Risk Assessment,
  • Risk Management,
  • Community Resiliency,
  • Multiple Hazards
Publication Date
May, 2010
James Madison University
Citation Information
George H Baker and Cheryl E Wilkins. Proceedings of the 2009 NRC Federal Facilities Council/James Madison University Symposium on Protecting Large Facility Complexes;. Harrisonburg, Virgina 22807(2010)
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