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Be Careful About The Menace of The Banks and Microfinance Companies
Social Sciences Research Network (2011)
  • George E Ekeha

Currently, according to the Ghana Banking Survey 2010 by PriceWaterHouseCoopers, there are twenty six (26) registered banks with over 740 branches operating in the country offering several products designed to attract the average Ghanaian (with more in the pipeline because of the oil flow). Some years ago (may be 10 years or more), there were very few banks in the country with their products mostly designed towards the elite few. It was a common thing to see very long and winding queues extending several kilometres outside the banking halls of most of these banks. Especially the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), the Social Security Bank (now SG-SSB) and Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), which are mostly state-owned at those times. In Ghana as in most parts of Africa, public sector workers receive their pay usually at the end of the month through the banks. And with the low bank charges and also being state owned GCB, SSB and ADB were usually very crowded at the end of every month.

  • Personal Finance,
  • Financial Management,
  • Savings,
  • Banking
Publication Date
Summer March 9, 2011
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George E Ekeha. "Be Careful About The Menace of The Banks and Microfinance Companies" Social Sciences Research Network (2011)
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