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Savings Habits of African Women, The Case of Ghanaian Market Women
  • George E Ekeha

Recent economic developments in Africa have led to increased educational opportunities and new jobs for the millions of people living in the continent. Specifically, the development changes have had a significant impact on the female population in the member countries as more and more women continue to gain access to training and education and obtain the skills and qualifications needed to enter into the workforce. Due to these recent developments, women in Africa have been able to gain more control over their own finances. As a result, women entrepreneurs in most African countries have become increasingly important drivers of growth by engaging in various economic activities like trading in various markets around the continent. Due to their newly acquired financial responsibility, women are seeking banks that can cater to their specific needs. Banks located throughout Africa can tap into this growing market by providing personalized bank products and services to women throughout this continent. As women continue to manage their financial responsibility and independence in Africa, the need for new and specific banking products and services for this market has also emerged. Modern African women will benefit from financial institutions that provide private, personal and comfortable banking environments and offer enhanced, targeted, financially compelling, and more personalized services than the traditional banking experience. The Banks also need to be very friendly and conversant with the circumstances of these women especially those who operate their business activities in various markets.

  • African Women,
  • Savings,
  • Savings Habits,
  • Market Women,
  • Women and Credit Facility,
  • Personal Finance
Publication Date
Summer September 22, 2011
Christina Postica
Lambert Academic Publication
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George E Ekeha. Savings Habits of African Women, The Case of Ghanaian Market Women. FirstDudweiler(2011)
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