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The Crusader Lordship of Marash in Armenian Cilicia, 1104-1149
Viator (1996)
  • George T. Beech, Western Michigan University
The Crusader Lordship of Marash in Armenian Cilicia, 1104-1149." The lordship of Marash was one of a handful of small political entities created as a result of the crusader conquest of northern Syria in the First Crusade. For four brief decades in the first half of the twelfth century Marash, dependent on the Principality of Antioch, maintained a precarious existence as the most northerly of all crusader states in the eastern Mediterranean, offering limited protection from the Turkish menace to the north, and perhaps prolonging somewhat the survival of the larger states at Antioch and Edessa. In the final analysis, however, its exposed position, combined with the periodic hostility of its Armenian neighbors and above all the overwhelming superiority of Turkish forces, doomed Marash to the latter's attacks in the late 1140s. This paper investigates the political fortunes of this lordship from its founding to its demise, with its principal goal being the identification of the successive lords of Marash, the circumstances under which they came to power, and their policies in enabling it to become a significant regional power for a short period in the 1140s.
  • Crusades
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George T. Beech. "The Crusader Lordship of Marash in Armenian Cilicia, 1104-1149" Viator Vol. 27 (1996) p. 35 - 52
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