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New Era in Designing and Governing Cooling Intensity of Liquid Quenchants to Decrease Distortion During Hardening of Steel Parts
International Journal of Current Research
  • Nikolai I. Kobasko, IQ Technologies, Inc
  • Anatolii A. Moskalenko, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NASU
  • P. N. Logvynenko, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of NASU
  • George E. Totten, Portland State University
  • Volodymyr V. Dobryvechir, Intensive Technologies Ltd
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  • Steel -- Heat treatment,
  • Steel -- Cooling -- Technological innovations,
  • Film boiling,
  • Green technology,
  • Metals -- Quenching

It was proved in last decade that very intensive and uniform cooling eliminates quench crack formation and significantly decreases distortion of quenched steel parts as compared with their slow cooling in mineral oils. That opened a new era in design ing and governing cooling intensity of liquid quenchants for strengthening steel parts and decrease their distortion after quenching. The new approaches were developed by authors to provide accelerated and uniform cooling steel parts during quenching by creation on their surface thin insulating layers. For this purpose low concentration of water polymer solutions of inverse solubility are used as a quenchant. More information on cooling intensity of Poly (Alkylene Glycol) polymers (PAG) solutions one can find in a well known book (Totten et al., 1993). Along with decreasing distortion of steel parts, such approach decreases cost of bath’s coolant which less affects environment. It is shown in presentation that accelerated cooling should be interrupted at proper time to provide self tempering, fix compressive residual stresses, decrease more distortion and prevent quench crack formation. To govern process of quenching and make cooling interruption, software IQCalc2 was developed.


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Kobasko, N. I., Moskalenko, A.A., Logvynenko, P.N., Totten, G.E. and Dobryvechir, V.V., 2018. “New Era in Designing and Governing Cooling Intensity of Liquid Quenchants to Decrease Distortion During Hardening of Steel Parts", International Journal of Current Research, 10 (08), 72631-72636.