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About George Frantziskonis

George Frantziskonis received his Civil Engineering degree from the Aristotle University, Greece, in 1982 and his doctorate in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Arizona in 1986.  He joined the University of Arizona faculty in 1988 after a visiting position at Aristotle University and consulting for the industry. He is a registered professional Civil Engineer in the State of Arizona and in the European Union state members. His teaching interests and activities include contemporary multimedia course delivery methods tailored to classroom-based, distance learning, and classes of large enrollment. He has taught numerous courses in the broad areas of Civil Engineering, Mechanics, general Engineering, and Engineering design. He has directed graduate students in Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics/Materials, and Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Frantziskonis’ areas of research interests and activities include multi-and inter-disciplinary multiscale modeling, simulation, and experimentation, material characterization and applications, probabilistic and multiscale problem formulation and description and applications to safety and reliability, behavior of materials at nano-scale, reaction-diffusion-transport and reactive flow problems. Applications include material characterization and modeling, storage of renewable energy, and reaction-diffusion-transport phenomena in energy production processes. He has published extensively in journals in the areas of (some journals where his work has been published are shown in parentheses):
-       Mechanics/Materials (Int. J. Solids & Structures, Acta Mechanica, Comp. Structures)
-       Physics (Phys. Rev. B, Phys. Rev. E, J. Phys. A, J. Phys. Cond. Matter)
-       Civil Engineering (ASCE journals, Comp. & Geotechnics)
-       Mechanical Engineering (Appl. Mech. Rev., J. Comp.-aided Design)
-       Materials Science and Engineering (Smart Mater. & Struct., Mod. Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng.)
-       Chemical Engineering (Intl. J. Chem. React. Engr., Ultras. Sonochemistry)
-       Computational Physics (J. Comp. Phys., Chaos, Solitons and Fractals)
-       Energy (Energy Conv. & Management)
He holds a tenured professor appointment with the Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Department at the University of Arizona, and a joint appointment with the Material Science and Engineering department. He has worked as visiting professor in France, Norway, and Greece, and has taught courses in France and Germany. He has also worked at Department of Defense laboratories. Awards he has received include the Presidential Young Investigator and the Fulbright scholar award.


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