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I Know It's Not My Problem... But It Happened On My Watch
Unpublished, June (2009)
  • Geoff Sharp

It is at some risk that I set out to promote my expertise in the area of what to do when mediation ends in disagreement.

Nevertheless, I dread those times when the smell of napalm hangs in the air as the parties depart the room with their final exchanges of the ‘see you in court’ variety ringing in my ears.

To assist my investigation of what we do as mediators when destination Yes eludes us, I polled a number of experienced commercial mediators. I am indebted to my friends from Bond University in Queensland, Australia and colleagues from the International Academy of Mediators in the US who shared with me their favourite post-mediation interventions.

  • mediation,
  • mediation process,
  • lawyers,
  • follow up
Publication Date
Fall June 18, 2009
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Geoff Sharp. "I Know It's Not My Problem... But It Happened On My Watch" Unpublished, June (2009)
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